VVB Helicopter Corporate Charter

VVB Charter - Executive Travel

VVB Executive Helicopter Charter provides on-demand charter services throughout the UK. Using time-effective private helicopter transportation provides a welcome contrast to conventional travel.

Need to get to an important meeting? Forget the traffic and the hours of driving! You'll be there in minutes replacing long waits in traffic and cover great distances in a fraction of the time with the style and luxurious comfort of private helicopter travel. Providing fast and efficient transport ensures company executives arrive at their next business meeting stress free and before the competition.

VVB Executive Helicopter Charter is there at your call, day or night, ready to get you airborne and on your way. Please use the form below to enter your details of the required flights and our operations team will organise everything and get back to you as soon as possible or please call us on:

Contact:     info@vvb-aviation.com       020 8953 0584