London sightseeing tours depart from our base at London Southend Airport or Damyns Hall Aerodrome on the outskirts of East London. You will see rural English countryside gradually build up to the outskirts of the city and before you know it, you are marvelling at the buildings and landmarks of the city.

VVB tours fly you along the River Thames for an unforgettable view of London. Through your tour you will view the worlds most famous landmarks, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St Paul's Cathedral, The London Eye, Tower Bridge and the O2 Arena to name a few. The photo gallery above shows some of the potential fantastic view you will be able to capture.

Vouchers for the tour start from £125 and if there was something you could give - a thrilling gift from the moment the envelope was opened, to the moment the helicopter touches down - then London Sightseeing tour is your choice for the memorable, gift of a lifetime.

Your voucher is valid for six months from the date of purchase so that you can call to arrange your flight at your convenience. Please use the form below to enter your details of the required flights and our operations team will organise everything and get back to you as soon as possible or please call us on:

Contact:       020 8953 0584