The most popular entry-level aeroplane and trusted by training schools worldwide.

Cessna - C152

The most popular entry-level fixed-wing aircraft and trusted by fixed-wing aircraft training schools worldwide. As well as training and introductory flights, this fixed-wing aircraft is also a popular choice with aerial photographers. Our CESSNA C152's are fully equipped with an Artificial Horizon, Directional Indicator and VOR. These features make them ideal training fixed-wing aircrafts.

Specification Table

Specification Cessna C152
Engine Type Lycoming O-235-L2C flat-4 engine
Number of Blades 2
Max takeoff weight 1,670 lb
Empty Weight Equipped (including oil & std avionics) 1,100 lb
Maximum Airspeed (Vne) 126 mph (109 knots)
Stall speed 49 mph (43kts)
Maximum Range (no reserve) 477 miles
Rate of Climb @ Sea Level over 715 fpm
Maximum Operating Altitude 14,700 ft

Figures courtesy of Cessna Aircraft Company. Figures and statistics are approximate only and not to be used for flight planning purposes.