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TrainingCongratulations you have passed your PPL(A), you have achieved something that most people only dream about!

Now is the time to build upon your knowledge and experience gained during training by increasing your pilot in command hours. This period in your flying development is known as hours building. As part of this stage you may wish to attend advanced flying courses or conversion training.


The world is your oyster, our aeroplanes are available for self-fly hire 7 days a week, so make the most of your new found freedom. Instructors are available seven days a week to assist with any aspect of your flying. If you feel that you need a refresher course, call and book in the diary. Help and advice is always at hand.

Questions & Requirements

How do I keep my licence current? – The PPL(A) licence is valid for life, but the associated class rating for a Single Engine Piston aircraft is valid for 2 years. To renew the Licence is a simple administration matter with the CAA, however, to renew the Class Rating can be undertaken in two ways.

Firstly, by a flight test with one of our in house examiners (LPC), or it can be renewed by experience provided you fly 12 hours in the previous 12 months. Of the twelve hours 6 must be logged as Pilot in Command and 1 hour must include a flight with an instructor.

Provided you fly regularly this should be nothing for you to worry about. Also to meet insurance requirements and for flight safety you are required to fly at least every 28 days, or you will need a short check flight with an instructor. Further to carry passengers, you must have done at least three take-offs and landings within the last 3 months.

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