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TrainingIf you are looking for a career in helicopter flying, then you need look no further than VVB. VVB can provide all helicopter pilot training requirements to suit any career path.

If you choose to continue your flight training to commence a career in aviation, your next challenge is to complete modular CPL(H) ground school and practical flying courses to attain and a Commercial Pilot Licence (H).

Helicopter Career Preparation

As an established helicopter training provider, we don’t just train you to pass the CPL(H) Skills Test. We create pilots of very high standards that go on to be some of the most successful pilots across the UK. A CPL (H) license is the key to a professional piloting career. These ½ day sessions are arranged once a month at VVB Aviation Ltd. This is an informal meeting with one of our instructors, who will talk you through one of the most exciting, rewarding and challenging careers a pilot can experience.
Learn about all the different options available to you, the training routes on offer, costs and timings to achieve the end goal of becoming a professional pilot. There are many different sectors in this market, from supporting the oil industry to corporate VIP charter, emergency services to utility, and pleasure flying to instruction.
This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and the chance to experience a taste of the life of a pilot. To attend a career seminar, please speak to Ian Lunt on 020 8953 0584, who'll be delighted to meet with you at a convenient date and time.

expandMinimum Course Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • A total of 155 flying hours on helicopters, which must include 50 flying hours as Pilot in Command
  • A valid JAR Class 1 medical
  • Completed and passed all theoretical knowledge exams
  • Hold a valid PPL(H)
  • At least 18 years of age
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    Course Content

  • The CPL(H) Modular Flying Course consists of 30 hours of flight time including 10 hours mandatory instrument flying and the remaining 20 hours divided between navigation and general handling. A further 5 hours will be required for the night rating qualification if not already held.
  • The course consists of 500 hours theoretical knowledge for nine examinations
  • VVB Aviation provides the CPL(H) Modular Course at our base in Elstree. The pre-requirements to start the commercial course are that the applicant has passed the CPL(H) or ATPL(H)  exams, has completed 155 hours in helicopters at least 50 of which are pilot in command and 10 hours cross-country. The Commercial Pilot Licence (H) course comprises of 30 hours dual instruction or 35 hours if you do not hold a night qualification.

  • CPL (H) Skill Test consists of the following sections: 
    • Part 1: Pre-flight and post flight checks and procedures.
    • Part 2: Hover maneuverers, advanced handling and confined areas.
    • Part 3: Navigation - en-route procedures.
    • Part 4: Flight procedures and maneuverers by sole reference to instruments.
    • Part 5: Abnormal and emergency procedure.

    The VVB Aviation team are always available to discuss with you your requirements and the opportunities available to you.

    Course Examination

  • The Modular ground school generally consists of a distance-learning period followed by a revision course prior to taking the exams.

  • The course consists of 500 hours theoretical knowledge instruction followed by nine examinations in the following subjects:
    • Air Law
    • Navigation
    • Aircraft
    • General Knowledge
    • Operational Procedures
    • Flight Performance & Planning
    • Principles of Flight Human
    • Performance & Limitations
    • Communications Meteorology
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  • Lesson periods - The course is an intensive program structured over a minimum 5-week period. VVB Aviation is open 7 days a week, so there is a possibility of structuring part of the course over the weekends.

  • All flying is subject to current conditions. - If it is unsuitable, we will contact you immediately to re-schedule your flying schedule.
  • expandMedical Requirements


    If you intend to make a career from helicopter flying, it may be advisable to obtain a Class I medical before commencing the course. Feel free to call us at any time on 020 8953 0584 for advice on arranging your medical.

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