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Helicopter PPL (H) Advanced

VVB Aviation Helicopter PPL Advance

TrainingGaining your Helicopter Private Pilots Licence PPL(H) is a fantastic achievement and although at times challenging, a rewarding experience that will allow you the freedom to take to the skies.

The basic PPL clears new pilots to captain an helicopter with passengers only at the most rudimentary level of skill. Many pilots feel they would benefit from improving their skills in a number of key areas.

The course will improve:

  • Captaincy
  • Airmanship
  • Decision-making under pressure, navigation through controlled airspace
  • The ability to deal with individual and/or multiple emergencies.
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    Our PPL Advanced course is intended for pilots with a PPL who want to:

  • Improve their handling skills and confidence.
  • Increase safety
  • Learn advanced handling techniques
  • Enjoy a new challenge with briefings for London Heli Routes, Mountain Flying & a Channel Crossing
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    PPL Advanced is a short course that comprise 5 hours flying plus 8 hours ground tuition. It is designed to encourage and enable the PPL holder to expand their flying skills and broaden their experience. Flying is tailored to your requirements and for those considering a career in aviation can be integrated into a structured hour building programme for the Commercial Pilots License.

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