Fixed Wing Flight School

VVB Helicopter Fixed Wing Flight School

Learn to fly aeroplanes with the professionals at VVB Flight School.

VVB Aviation – your one stop shop for all your fixed-wing aircraft needs offering a full range of courses from trial lessons through to IMC courses.
The UK's leading independent fixed-wing aircraft company. VVB Aviation is a CAA registered training facility and we have been training pilots from our current base at Southend airport for over 15 years.

Fly with the best! An unparalleled reputation for excellence, underpinned by our exceptional pass rate. VVB offers one of the best facilities in the country, operating at a major airport provides invaluable experience, a team of highly experienced and expert instructors and an extensive fleet of fixed-wing aircrafts ensures that our training is second to none. Quality flight instruction is the key to safely capturing the skills needed to master the art of flying a fixed-wing aircraft. Open seven days a week throughout the year. Students are immersed in professional flight operations. from zero flight hours through to night ratings.

Career Seminars

These ½ day sessions are arranged once a month at VVB Aviation Ltd. This is an informal meeting with one of our instructors, who will talk you through one of the most exciting, rewarding and challenging careers a pilot can experience.
Learn about all the different options available to you, the training routes on offer, costs and timings to achieve the end goal of becoming a professional pilot. There are many different sectors in this market, from supporting the oil industry to corporate VIP charter, emergency services to utility, and pleasure flying to instruction.
This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and the chance to experience a taste of the life of a pilot.
To attend a career seminar, please speak to Ian Lunt on 020 8953 0584, who'll be delighted to meet with you at a convenient date and time.

Fixed Wing Courses